Self and Family

Goal Setting and Achievement

Marathon Training Plan in 1 Year

Assist in creating a training plan to achieve the goal of running a marathon within a year.

5-Year Business Plan Coaching

Provide guidance on taking action and creating a plan to start a business within the next 5 years.

6-Month Public Speaking Plan with Life Coach

Offer assistance in creating a plan to improve public speaking skills within the next 6 months.

Pre-Presentation Anxiety Coping Tips

Provide coping strategies for managing anxiety before an upcoming work presentation.

Stress Management for Parents & Spouses

Offer techniques for managing stress associated with parental and spousal responsibilities.

Managing Depression & Workload: Life Coaching Tips

Provide strategies for coping with depression and overwhelming workload.

Friendship Boundaries & Communication Coaching

Provide guidance on setting boundaries and improving communication skills in friendships.

Effective Communication in Romance

Offer advice on expressing needs and wants effectively in romantic relationships.

Workplace Communication Techniques

Provide techniques for improving communication skills in the workplace, particularly with coworkers.