Climbing Techniques

Mastering Diverse Climbing Techniques

Explore advanced climbing techniques that can be applied on various climbing routes.

French Free: Rock Climbing Technique

Explain the French Free technique in rock climbing and its typical applications.

Mastering the Drop Knee Move in Climbing

Describe how to execute a drop knee move on a steep overhang while climbing.

Crack Climbing: Hand & Foot Placements

Discuss techniques for climbing cracks in granite, considering various hand and foot placements.

Belay Device Usage in Climbing

Define a belay device and provide instructions on its proper usage in climbing.

Dynamic vs Static Ropes for Lead Climbing

Compare and contrast dynamic and static ropes for lead climbing, highlighting their differences and best applications.

Helmet Safety in Sport Climbing

Explain the benefits of using a helmet for sport climbing in terms of safety.

Safe Top Rope Anchors in Climbing

Outline the proper procedures for setting up a top rope anchor in climbing.

Thunderstorm Safety for Multi-Pitch Climbing

Provide guidelines on what to do if a thunderstorm approaches while on a multi-pitch climb.

Safe Solo Climbing: Anchor System Tips

Explain how to properly check and use a personal anchor system for solo climbing.