Cognitive Assessment & Improvement for Seniors

Provide strategies to assess and potentially improve cognitive functioning for an older individual experiencing [specific cognitive symptoms].

Optimizing Elderly Health: Chronic Disease Plan

Design a chronic disease management plan for an older individual with [specific chronic diseases].

Palliative Care for Geriatric Patients

Discuss how to provide comfort and support for a geriatric patient nearing the end of life and their family.

Nurse's Dilemma: Minor Pain Meds sans Consent

Discuss the legal and ethical implications when a nurse administers pain medication to a minor without parental consent.

Evidence-Based Practice in Pediatric Nursing: A Case Study

Explain the importance of evidence-based practice in pediatric nursing, citing a specific case where it improved health outcomes.

Effective Nursing Leadership for Patient Care

Describe the qualities that make an effective nursing leader and how such leadership can improve patient care.