Self and Family

Career Counseling

Career Exploration: Skills & Interests

Provide guidance in exploring career options in [industry/field] based on skills and interests.

Teacher Career Change: Brainstorming Paths

Assist in brainstorming potential career paths for a teacher seeking a change from their current role.

Sales Pro Seeking Fulfilling Career Change

Help in identifying alternative career paths for a sales professional looking to transition to a more fulfilling role.

Tech Skills in New Fields: Career Advice

Provide advice on exploring new opportunities for a software engineer who wants to utilize their technical skills in a different industry or company.

Tailored Resume & Cover Letter for Job

Assist in crafting a strong resume and cover letter tailored to a specific job in [industry/field].

Resume Building for Grads

Guide a recent college graduate in highlighting their education, skills, and relevant coursework on a resume.

Crafting a Powerful Resume: Career Counseling

Help a seasoned professional condense their work history into a concise and impactful resume.

Resume Tips for Creative Marketing Jobs

Provide tips on showcasing creativity and design skills in a resume for a creative position in the marketing industry.

Mastering Interview Prep: Expert Tips

Offer guidance on interview preparation, including researching the company and position, practicing responses to common questions, and making a good impression.

Interview Success: First-Time Job Seeker Guide

Guide a first-time job seeker on how to prepare for an interview and make a positive impression on the hiring manager.

Mastering Leadership Interviews: Tips & Tricks

Provide advice on showcasing leadership skills during an interview for a management position.