Counterpoint: History and Application

Describe the concept of counterpoint in music theory, including its historical development and application in different musical genres.

Beethoven vs Chopin: Musical Styles Compared

Compare and contrast the musical styles of Beethoven and Chopin, with reference to specific works.

Punk Rock's Activist Music

Discuss the role of music in the punk rock movement, focusing on how it was used as a form of political and social activism.

Modal Mix: C Major Melody Exploration

Compose a melody in C major using a mixture of Mixolydian, Dorian, and Phrygian modes, and discuss how it creates a unique sound.

Counterpoint in D Minor: Imitation and Hidden Melodies

Write a counterpoint melody for a string quartet in D minor, and discuss how imitative sections and hidden melodies enhance its complexity.

F/Bb Polytonal Chord Progression

Construct a chord progression using polytonality, combining elements of F major and Bb major, and discuss how this affects the overall sound.

Genre Jingle for Product Launch

Could you create a jingle in the style of [musical genre] for our new product launch?

Music Licensing vs Royalty-Free: Corporate Education

Can you explain the difference between licensing and royalty-free music for our marketing team?